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If any of you keep up with my posts, and the comments that are left by my fantastic readers, then you may have noticed a comment that was left after I posted about being excited about the upcoming Bull Ridin' show on CMT. In this comment this lovely reader called me a "television whore." Now, while some of you may think this is a bit harsh - let me assure you that this particular person could pretty much call me anything and I would love them all the same......Not to mention I thought it was damn funny - and it gave me something to think about.

After much thought and soul searching, I have decided that I am, in fact, a television whore.

There is not much I will not watch - and sadly, find some entertaining value somewhere. I do have those things that do not interest me and would rather clean the kitchen than to watch. I am not a huge sci-fi fan: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek (all 27 different shows), etc. Now that is not to say that I hate those shows - I just don't have much of an interest. Most cartoons. Not the "three year old variety" that I sit through with the spawn...but anime. Now those I do detest. In those cases I would rather lick the kitchen clean. Another type of programming that I can not get behind is any show where you are supposed to find true love. I have always had a problem with those - and OH the surprise when Mr. Hunk proposes to Miss Beauty and 6 weeks after the show has ended , he's spotted getting a lap dance in Vegas by someone named Trixie. With the exception of the latter, my husband is a fan of both Sci-Fi and Anime. We find it difficult at times to have programming that we watch together.

Television is, by no stretch of the imagination, going to make me the smartest person in the room - but I do find that I can carry on at least a partial conversation with most people. I caught some of the news - so I know the basics of what's going on in the world. I watched the highlights on SportsCenter - so I can discuss baseball and steroids. And of course - I watched the entire episode of Lost, so I can try to GET OUT of the conversation of dissecting every frame of the hour long program.

I think my television whore-ness makes me well rounded.

To list every show that I watch would not only take too long - but it would be mortifying to see how many I really have. The fact that I can not remember my life before my daughter was born - which was also the same month I got my TIVO.....should certainly tell you something about me.

So, my loyal readers. There it is - An epiphany of sorts if you will. I suppose there are worse sorts of 'whores' to be....Like I guess the regular ol' garden variety whore is pretty bad.

So, I open it to you. What are your favorite shows? Are you a whore of anything?

side note: We got the TIVO because of the daughter - my television viewing time has always come second to her...Just wanted to make sure I wasn't making myself out to be a tv whore and a bad mommy at the same time! It just means I'm up very late every night. However, she is a fan of Alton Brown and loves Wheel of Fortune.