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I’m an American. Damn Proud to be one too. I wear my stars and strips with pride, and fly my flag high on our front porch (or will again once I fix the flag pole holder). I’m a big fan of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Pledge of Allegiance, and The Star Spangled Banner. So, that being said—I’m a fan of free speech and all those other rights we have, and so often take for granted.

Something struck me funny this weekend while flipping the channels with the other half and the spawn– A “ E! True Story on Rachel Ray”.
With no other riveting programming on at the time, we stopped and watched a while and came upon a clip of the “dark side of Rachel's life”...A whole group of people who dislike Rachel so much that an entire website and forum have been created to bash her, dubbed “rachelraysucks.com”.


I’ll admit, I’m not a HUGE fan of Rachel by any stretch of the imagination.
I find her a bit too peppy for me...she will often give me flashbacks of an old aerobics exercise VCR tape I had—the instructor whom I wanted to pummel with my 2 pound pink weight. However, my dislike of Rachel, or the aerobics instructor for that matter, have never made me want to spend a large portion of my life making sure OTHER people knew how much I disliked her.

Thinking of that—that made me wonder how many other people in the world have nothing else better to do then to devote time to creating, publishing and maintaining a website for the one purpose of hating something/one.

Apparently people think that—
Wireless Networks, Skateboarding, Puberty, Harvard, Ford, PayPal,Cancer, Pavement, Spyware, Psychosis, Delta, Bill O’Reilly, Mac, New York Yankees, Gary Betlman and Stuff.

Now I would have to agree that cancer does, indeed, suck. And thought that “Stuff Sucks” was kind of clever, and yes, that does say “Pavement”…(I’m assuming for off roaders of some kind)

All of those things/people have websites created in the form of “XYZsucks.com”.
And that was just googling “ *sucks”…. And only the first four pages of results.

So, my point.

Stand on your soap box and hate Rachel Ray (or pavement if you rather). It’s your right—hence the beauty of this great country. However, it seems to me that you could fight against something a littler greater then that and just change the channel.

And Rachel, if your reading this, you go girl.