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I don’t know many working mothers that don’t have their morning routine down to a science. The amount of things you need to get done in a short spam of time (unless you want to wake up at 4:00 am) is astounding at times.
Get yourself ready. Get the kid(s) ready. Feed the dog. Car keys. Coffee for the road. Find the lost shoe—No, not THAT shoe—The one with Cinderella on it. Purse. Pack the lunches. Strap everyone in—and off you go.
I am out of bed every morning at 6:08 AM. Odd time, yes. However, I’ve found that 6:08 is a perfect time to set the alarm for. I know that if I push snooze just once—It’ll push me over the 6:15 mark.
I give myself about 5 minutes to sit and stare at the wall and drink a cup of coffee. Then shower, make up and dress. Ready to go—Right?
WRONG. We still have to deal with the 147 pounds of hair that is gracing my head.
I have a lot of hair. Blessing—Curse. Your call. However, the older I get the more troublesome it is becoming.
All of said hair is very thick—and when left to it’s own accord—has a strong resemblance to Edward Scissorhands. My daily routine of taming the mane involves FrizzFree shampoo—FrizzFree conditioner, followed by another FrizzFree serum of some kind. Hair Dryer (insert Johnny Depp at this point) THEN followed by a $150 worth of hair straighter.
As stated earlier—I’m getting older. The silver/white hairs are starting to win their war against my head—and there in lies the problem. You can’t straighten gray hair. So now what I end up looking like all the time is a big mass of hair with white pubic hair sticking out everywhere.
My husband shaves his head. I think we would be cute if we matched.
Now taking donations for the $180 dollars needed to color and cut my hair.